Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

Activities & Partnerships

At Hawthorn, it is important that every student finds her leadership voice and understands the gifts and talents she brings to our community as a leader. Extracurricular after-school activities provide students with outlets to express their individuality and share their interests with others.

Hawthorn 8th graders work on capstone projects in partnership with mentors from World Wide Technology.  The goal of these projects is to teach social responsibility and leadership skills.  With the help of their teachers and mentors, the students are tasked with addressing problems of their choice in their neighborhoods. Over the last several years, students have addressed traffic concerns around the school, homelessness, food needs, baby care needs, and even worked to beautify the outside of the school.

Washington University partners with Hawthorn to provide professional development for our faculty, develop curriculum, and provide student tutors and mentors. In addition, the university is committed to supporting student academic achievement by connecting Hawthorn with university resources such as the Institute for School Partnership and the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. Hawthorn also partners with the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), World Wide Technology Mentor Program, Miriam Learning Center, Imagine Me Counseling, Mathews Dickey, WE Schools, Safe Connections, and

Washington University, the Gephardt Institute provides tutoring through our InvestiGirls program. Enrichment experiences are also provided by Washington University and other community organizations while the faculty has professional development.

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