Plans for 2020-21 School Year
Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

College and Career Preparation

Hawthorn is a college preparatory school. Our goal is that each of our graduates is prepared for success in post-secondary education. Our sister schools in the Young Women’s Leadership Network have high school and college graduation rates that far exceed their peer institutions and Hawthorn expects to have the same positive outcomes.

Our small class sizes, individualized instruction, and rigorous curriculum ensure that Hawthorn students are prepared to be competitive college applicants and to succeed in higher education pursuits. We have a full-time counselor, who helps middle and high schoolers develop skills and traits needed to support them in college and plans post-high school. Individualized college and career counseling will begin with students in the 10th grade. We also partner with parents from the outset to help plan for college financing.

Hawthorn students will be prepared for post-secondary success not only academically but also as independent learners and leaders. The all-girls’ environment enables students to take on leadership roles on a daily basis. Our students have a voice in matters relevant to them. They also explore their own passions and potential in extracurricular activities.

2019 Cool Women/Hot Jobs Career Fair

At Hawthorn, while our work is in the day-to-day, our goals are focused on our students' future college and career ambitions, and we want to expose Hawthorn students to the array of opportunities that lie ahead for them. While they will likely change their minds many times between now and the time they enter the workforce, it is not too early to plant the seeds of possibilities for their future careers. At our annual Cool Women/Hot Jobs career fair, we gather a wonderful group of women from diverse industries, backgrounds, and positions to inspire our students by sharing their stories and information about their careers because "You can't be what you can't see".

Hawthorn is proud to be a part of the larger Young Women's Leadership Network, which has helped more than 10,000 students enroll in college since 2001. In addition, 80% of the young women from The Young Women's Leadership School are the first to attend college in their families. 


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