Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

Hawthorn Curriculum

Hawthorn’s curriculum aligns with the Missouri Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We also integrate the cross-cutting standards from NGSS. Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership is supporting Hawthorn’s Science and Engineering curricula and provides professional development support for Hawthorn staff.

Building students’ literacy skills is also an important component of our educational program. Students are required to engage in independent reading outside of the school day and are expected to have an independent reading book with them at all times. Students have regularly scheduled times to check out books from our school library. Hawthorn teachers assess students’ independent reading levels throughout the year.

Middle school students at Hawthorn take the following classes daily:

  • Science
  • Introduction to Engineering or Introduction to Computer Science
  • Math
  • Math Lab
  • Humanities (language arts and history combined)
  • Writing Seminar
  • PE or Dance
  • Advisory

High School Curriculum at Hawthorn will include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science
  • Algebra or Geometry
  • Literature
  • American History and Government
  • Science & Society
  • PE/Health and Wellness
  • Spanish
  • Advisory (College and Career Prep)

As a STEM-focused school, Hawthorn’s curriculum includes integrated science, math, engineering, and computer coding curriculum. All of these classes involve critical thinking and problem-solving skills and frequent opportunities for girls to collaborate.

Hawthorn, a fully wireless campus with reliable high-speed internet, uses laptops and Chromebooks across the disciplines. Students use a variety of online tools such as Kahoot!, IXL, and Google Classroom to facilitate learning in today's technology-driven society.

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