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Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

A.B. Brown, Hawthorn Leadership for Girls Coordinator of Special Education knows her scholars have a story to share. Scholars need to have doors opened for them so they can tell their story. In the tradition of the Griot, Brown knows “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelo. Giving young people access is Brown’s guiding principle. She wants them to have access to a quality education that is appropriate for their abilities, access to safe adults that they can trust, and access to community resources.

Brown’s over 10 years in education focusing on exceptional learners has taught her to appreciate the scholars that need an extra layer of support. Her Master’s in Special Education and work toward obtaining her Specialist Degree in Administration and principal’s certification only serve as evidence of her dedication to her skill and craft. More than educational chops, Brown is proud to be her scholars’ biggest cheerleader.

As a foster parent, Brown provides youth with a safe port in a storm. Making her home comfortable and able the meet the needs of her changing family is often the focus of her DIY projects. Needing to use power tools to accomplish her goals is just a plus.

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