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Shardea Gallion, Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls ELA Dean of Academics’ philosophy about reading and literature matches that of one of America’s first feminist – Margaret Fuller – “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Gallion is on a mission to help others build personal bridges to books.  

Expansive life experience adds spice to what Gallion offers the education world. She lived in the Middle East where she learned to speak and write Arabic, opened two Apple Stores and worked as an international video producer prior to her role as an ELA mentor and coach. Four out of the five years of Gallion’s career as an educator, she has been nominated as Teacher of the Year. 

Even without pay, Gallion is known as the resident therapist in her circle. A self-proclaimed foodie, she also enjoys cooking with love and quality ingredients sourced directly from the earth. In her non-educational time, Gallion proudly plays Princess Tiana for little girls that need to see princesses that look like them.


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