Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

Middle and High School Instructional Coach

Location: Hawthorn School
Department: Instructional Positions
Listing Date: 2019-05-29
Position: Middle and High School Instructional Coach

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that enables young women from diverse backgrounds to achieve academic success in a college preparatory program and to become leaders in their communities and professions.

Hawthorn is the first all-girls public school in Missouri. Hawthorn is a college preparatory charter school with a focus on STEM. The school opened in August 2015 and currently has 170 students in 6th – 10th grades.  We will add a new grade each school year until fully enrolled in 2020 with approximately 300 students in grades 6 – 12.

Hawthorn affiliates with the Young Women's Leadership Network, a national leader in girls' education. Washington University serves as Hawthorn's charter school sponsor.

Under the direction of the Head of School, the Instructional Coach will support Hawthorn’s faculty in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to best support student success.

  • Provide individualized teacher support (i.e., observing and providing feedback, co-teaching, modeling instructional strategies and effective lessons, re-teaching challenging concepts, etc.);
  • Design and implement a coaching and feedback cycle for all language arts/humanities teachers
  • Assess professional development needs of teachers based on classroom observations and other means as necessary;
  • Work with planning an implementation of professional development for teachers;
  • Assist teachers with data analysis for the purpose of informing instruction;
  • Organize and deliver instructional materials and resources for teacher use and delivery;
  • Have a deep understanding of learning standards and integration of standards into lesson planning;
  • Analyze curricular needs and make recommendations for curriculum to support scaffolded instruction;
  • Model effective use of technology in instruction, including integrating technology tools into the curriculum and safeguarding the use of those tools;
  • Coordinate the use of technology and make recommendations for software purchases;
  • Communicate the goals of the prescribed academic program to faculty, families and students;
  • Assist teachers in creating meaningful formative and summative assessment tools;
  • Coordinate standardized assessments by pre-planning, scheduling, organizing, distributing and guiding teachers through the assessment process;
  • Develop testing protocols for standardized tests;
  • Serve as liaison with state testing administrators;
  • Train teachers on testing administration for NWEA and other standardized tests;
  • Guide data analysis of standardized test results;
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School.
Skill Requirements

Skill Requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree; Master’s degree with certification in School Administration or Curriculum and Instruction preferred
  • Minimum five years’ teaching experience
  • Minimum two years’ coaching experience
  • Missouri Professional Educator License
  • Technology skills necessary to deliver instruction

Knowledge of:

  • Missouri Learning Standards
  • Academic evaluation and data collection methods
  • School Improvement
  • Best practices in the delivery of curriculum and instruction
  • Content areas at the middle and high school level

Classroom Management Ability to:

  • Deliver instruction in a manner that improves student achievement
  • Implement intense student support
  • Collect and manage data related to student progress
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing

Work in a team environment with teachers and other stakeholder


To apply, send cover letter and resume to http://careers@hawthornschool.org with the subject line: Instructional Coach.

Statement of Non-Discrimination: Hawthorn is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals applying for employment at our school. Hawthorn does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

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We encourage community friends, prospective students and families to visit us! Throughout the year, our students lead tours twice a month during the school day which is a great way to see school in action. During student recruitment season, prospective families can attend our Saturday Open Houses. We also offer Family Tours the first Tuesday of every month during the spring.

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