Our Sponsor

Charter public schools are independent public schools that are free from some of the rules and regulations that apply to traditional public school districts as specifically identified in state charter school law. Under Missouri law, charter public schools have an institutional sponsor, most often a four-year college or university. The sponsor oversees the charter school board and holds the school accountable for meeting student achievement goals and financial and operational standards. Charter schools are non-sectarian, do not discriminate in their admission policies, and may not charge tuition or fees.

Washington University serves as the sponsor for Hawthorn, holding the school accountable for meeting its performance goals and complying with all federal and state laws. In addition, Washington University partners with Hawthorn to provide professional development for our faculty, develop curriculum and provide student tutors and mentors. In addition, the university is committed to supporting student academic achievement by connecting Hawthorn with university resources such as the Society of Women Engineers and the Institute for School Partnership.

To learn more about Washington University in St. Louis' sponsorship of Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls, read this article published in The Source: Washington University Record: University Sponsors New Charter School